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Teen Driver's Package
* Classroom simulation steering, control panel, and signal usage
* Road Training
* Teen Drivers Education

All teens seeking a driver's permit in the State of California are required to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a DMV certified driving instructor. Teens must also complete 30 hours of classroom instruction with a state licensed driver's education teacher. Upon completion of our course, the student driver will receive our certification permitting him or her to take the actual DMV behind-the-wheel driving test.

For both classroom and on-the-road sessions, we strive not only to teach the necessities to pass the DMV tests but rather to also give teens the tools necessary to be a safe and defensive driver.

Key Topics in Teen Drivers Education are: Common causes of accidents, U-Turns, Handle vehicle failures, Defensive driving, Road emergencies, Vehicle insurance, Road markings & signs, Safety & Seat belts, Distractions, Moving violations, Hydroplaining, and Driving under the influence.

For those families that find it difficult, or uncomfortable, to provide the additional 50 hours of parental supervised training now required by law, we offer services to assist with the fulfillment of that requirement.

*You MUST have your original permit with you at all times. We are not permitted to take you driving with a photocopy of the permit.


Adult Behind-the-Wheel Driver's Training
* Bilingual Instructors (Chinese & English)
* Experienced State Certified Instructors
* Friendly and Courteous staff and teachers
* Reasonable and Competitive Rates
* Private Lessons
* Free pick-up from home or work
* Dual Controlled breaking vehicles
* DMV test car available

Our Behind-the-Wheel course will help to make you a better driver! It is a special course that concentrates on building the behind-the-wheel skills of a new adult driver.

California 's Driver Performance Evaluation (the road test) is also one of the most demanding road tests in the nation. Even if you are a previously experienced driver preparing to take the CA road test for the first time or simply need a refresher course before heading to the DMV, we are an excellent resource to teach or remind you of the key requirements for successfully passing the exam.




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